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Lyon - producer from Amsterdam

When he was only three years old, Lyon (2001) started to play drums on reversed plastic buckets while watching music dvd’s of his parents. At the age of eight he took drum lessons at the Amsterdam Noord Music School. When he was twelve Lyon got a laptop computer and started to play around with FL Studio. At school he got a lot of request for beats by schoolmates and others who wanted to rap, but dit not have music to rap to.

In 2017 Lyon produced his first track ‘Hoofdpijn’ for launching artist Nisho, released on the label Dimaisonnoice. It reached nr 5 in the Spotify Viral 50 Netherlands. After about a year it reached 1 million views on Youtube and 1 million streams on Spotify. Recently it reached 2 million views on Youtube.

In 2018 Lyon produced the track ‘We Komen Van Nixxx’ for the Amsterdam-based hiphop group Van Snelle, which they performed at the Talent show on Funx Radio. The professional jury consisting of Tabitha, Tur-g and Hef chose it as the winner. After the contest Tur-g and Lyon agreed to start a collaboration, which resulted in the track ‘Logisch’ on the album Jet Lag by Tur-g and Andy VDM.

In 2019 Lyon produced the track ‘De Eerste Keer’ for DS featuring Wieke Philine, which reached the Kids Top 20 and was performed in the Zapp Kids show on national TV. Lyon also produced and recorded with Keizer and Donny Roelvink, among others.

In 2020 Tur-g released the album La Vida Loca, for which Lyon produced the opening track ‘Pensioen’, as well as two more tracks ‘Burnen’ and ‘Real One’.

At the moment Lyon is working on various project, yet open for new collaborations with rappers, singers, producers and labels to create the hottest tracks that young people want to hear today.

Feel free to contact for more information.


  • e-music composition (various styles: trap, dancehall, afro, hiphop, gangsta, dance, etc)
  • mixing
  • remixing
  • mastering

For collaborations please e-mail

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